About me

Hi, I’m Yi Xiang. Professionally at work, i solve problems using math, data and code. Outside of work, i enjoy swimming, reading manga, watching gaming live streams and playing board games - especially brutal ones (:

For more details about me (including my cv), please README.

Why did i start this site?

Since my undergraduate days, I am fond of digitalizing my summarized notes in order to

  1. Aids my personal understanding of a topic.
  2. Assist my recollection, and since it is digitalized, it is easy to search and edit!
  3. Sharing my notes with my peers which aid their exam preparation, which they in kind help me spot errors or suggest changes or share new insights/knowledge.

In a way, this site is my attempt of recreating something similar as a working professional and my contribution back to the industry.

Why Data Raccoon?

This resembles me to a certain extend, some people say it is uncanny!

Site Tech Stack

What did I use to build this website?

  • Django as the BackEnd/WebFrameWork,
  • Heroku as the Platform,
  • Awesome Python libraries and markdown tools.
  • Simple HTML,CSS, JS for front end.

Contact / Meet up?

Drop me an email or Linkedin message, alternatively you are almost guaranteed to find me at DSSG meetups.

PS: I am considering setting up calendly, let me know what you think!