About me

Hi, I’m Yi Xiang. Professionally at work, i solve problems using math, data and code. Outside of work, i enjoy swimming, reading manga, watching gaming live streams and playing board games - especially brutal ones (:

Quick background

I graduated with a statistics degree in NTU back in 2013. Upon graduation, I joined a program offered by Google in partnership by then IDA (now GovTech and IMDA). In 2015, I moved to Merck - Big Pharma In 2017 I joined Traveloka as one of their early data team hires out of the new technology office in Singapore.
Fun Fact: I am the longest tenured employee in the Traveloka Singapore data team

Currently, I am responsible for the data domain within fraud & payments. Prior to this I was leading the financial technology data team which resulted in this lending product you see today.

I am also one of the main committee members behind the largest data science group - DSSG in Singapore with over 11k members at our Facebook group.

Interested to know more?

Professionally, please refer to my CV or my linkedin page!

Personally, please README - currently WIP

Contact / Meet up?

Drop me an email or Linkedin message, alternatively you are almost guaranteed to find me at DSSG meetups.

PS: I am considering setting up calendly, let me know what you think!